Looking to sell book rights internationally

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The Sunpenny Publishing Group encompasses seven imprints: Boathooks Books (sailing and boating of all kinds, fiction and non-fiction); Blue Jeans Books (romance); Rose & Crown Books (Christian romance); Sunberry Books (for children and young adults, fiction and non-fiction); ChristLight Books (Christian fiction and non-fiction); EPTA (new non-fiction, self-help etc); and the main Sunpenny brand which covers general fiction. As a small company, started in 2007, we are still growing but now have a rapid expansion plan. Our catalogue currently contains 25 books in print, and by Christmas 2013 we will have at least 65 in print.
We hope to sell or trade rights, especially film and television rights for certain of our books which very are a cinematic fit. We're looking to sell English or foreign/translation rights to book publishers, or find co-publishers for our titles around the world.