Ratna Sagar / Offshoot Books Biography
Founded in 1982, Ratna Sagar is one of the biggest textbook publishers in India. We have a wide range of textbooks, digital content, and Android apps. 
Last year Ratna Sagar introduced its latest imprint "Offshoot" to the market. 
Offshoot - off the ‘sense’- the no offense brand develops books that are “fresh”, “whimsical” and “sophisticated”.
We develop three different types of books at Offshoot:
  1. Offshoot (For adults): Ranging from fun activity and coloring books to notebooks and planners, our books focus on engrossing the readers with style and flair.
  2. Offshoot Kids: We develop carefully structured and level-appropriate story-based activity books that are the perfect stepping stones for kids. We believe in keeping the kids entertained while educating, delighting, and sparking their imaginations.
  3. Offshoot Education: We also offer a wide spectrum of curriculum-based books across different subjects. The books are graded, the content is engaging, and the presentation is attractive. We constantly innovate and experiment with our products and follow a modern approach while designing them.