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39 Time Award Winning Author (as at March 15, 2015) An empowered employee-turned-entrepreneur, Lorii Myers’s three decades of business experience include a wide variety of career challenges: business manager, controller, senior manager, and business owner. Believing you should aspire to learn from those who inspire you, she was careful to choose her early employment opportunities well by working for entrepreneurial companies that were owned or managed by formidable entrepreneurs. When asked what she learned, Myers is quick to answer, “The right attitude is everything!” and in her early thirties, she left the security of employment to fulfill her own sense of entrepreneurial flair. Because of Myer’s personal quest to explore every opportunity, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her second book in a series, 3 Off the Tee: Make it Happen, challenging readers to, “Come out to play, take on the world, and make success yours!” Also author of 3 off the Tee: Targeting Success, Myers currently resides north of Toronto, Ontario.
Large International Publisher: I have two new manuscripts in for final edit now. Fiction: Recon Ten Non-fiction: Brazen Perspective - What if we got it wrong? Projects scheduled for 2015: Query Letters Available Fiction: Quixotica - For What the Body Yearns Non-fiction: DeliverDotCom - 500+ Ways to Deliver Exceptional (http://www.deliverdotcom.com/) Projects scheduled for 2016: Fiction: Stream of Consciousness - End the Silence (http://www.stream-of-consciousness.com/) TBA