At Litographs we create art from literature. We work with authors, estate, agents, publishers, and other representatives or IP holders to partner on a merchandising license titles that will allow us to create products fans will love, and an additional source of revenue for the IP holder. Our artists come from all over the world, and work closely with the author or estate to create beautiful designs based on the story. We then stream the text in place of the original pixels, and the result is a stunning work of art that honors the book, and is completely legible from a few feet away. Litographs is also available to work with you on custom products for marketing and book tours. We make excellent quality posters, t-shirts, tote bags, temporary tattoos and computer decals, all available for custom art and purchase.
Please note: our products utilize the full text of the book and merchandising rights follow accordingly. Publishers -- who retain merchandising rights to popular brand, or interested in custom work. Authors -- who retain merchandising rights, and would like to reach fans in a new way. Agents -- representing authors who retain these rights. Organizations -- interested in custom products.

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