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Reared with a novelist father, Wallant majored in Folklore, Semiotics and Cultural Anthropology at William Smith College, and studied Media Arts and Illustration at The School of Visual Arts. She embarked in the modern storytelling career of Advertising as an Art Director. Later, craving the 3rd dimension she optained a degree in Industrial Design in order to design, develop, consult and teach Product Design. Throughout it all she wrote and illustrated stories. Her most recent creation, the ElemMates element based characters evolved to teach science concepts through fantasy characters and stories. Using visual and written media, The ElemMates website introduces the characters, their city based on the Periodic Table and their interactions. The "Evie & the ElemMates", a middle-grade novel, richly develops Evie, the protagonist, and the characters, thrusting her into their world and adventures.
Looking to connect with Agents, Publishing Houses, and Editors to polish and develop it for marketing and distrubution and to extend it through book series, possible picture books and into other story media platforms. Also interested in retail venues interested in offering the book for sale.