Heart.Ink Press, LLC

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Heart.Ink Press started as a simple thought but grew into a vision that was very much accomplishable. Who would have thought that two individuals who have been friends for years would have shared the same dream of one day establishing a publishing company? Seemingly mentioned as a joke, during a relay of Heart of Man Ministries, Inc. emails, Ellenar randomly spoke, "we should form Heart Ink as a publishing company." Even though Alegra and Chakita initially brushed the "joke" off, at that present time, it later continually rung in Chakita's ear. For years they had all been editing various works, writing articles for newspapers and magazines, and serving as Public Relations for musical extravaganzas and magazines, but it never dawned on them how much of their skills and work they were donating voluntarily or doing for minimal cost for others. They were simply doing what they loved to do. Later, they began to publish their own monthly newsletters for Heart of Man Ministries, Inc. (Ellenar as Editor in Chief) and Greater New Hope AMPRC (Chakita as Editor in Chief) and then they thought, it is time for Heart.Ink Press. Chakita, Ellenar and Alegra already serve in ministry together with HOMM, Inc. (an outreach ministry) and so decided to transfer the professional skills and business-like chemistry over to Heart.Ink Press. However, they knew they needed a skilled designer and immediately had in mind the woman for the job: Ashlee. Alegra contacted Ashlee and a power house was created. Heart.Ink Press was on the move. Heart.Ink Press thrives on giving hope and inspiration to millions of aspirants while meeting the consumer's demand and producing quality products.
Individuals who are in need of Publishing, Marketing, Editing, and Designing services.