Deborah Sams

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Deborah was an avid reader from an early age, so falling into the creative world of marketing and public relations was a natural progression. It was while working in the film/distribution industry that Deborah found a love of the cinema and big-screen production. It was that love of fantasy and escapism that finally motivated her to write her first novel, "The Emerald Tablets." Deborah draws her inspiration from the beginning of time, ancient Egypt, and her life experiences. She believes she is an old soul herself, a free spirit who has lived many previous lives. She lives in Australia and enjoys unearthing historical events and rewrites them with her own adventurous and romantic spin.
New audiences for my writing. Acquire a traditional publishing deal. I would love to be able to focus full time on creating new worlds and stories that others can enjoy and escape into. Ultimate goal to acquire a movie deal; a Film Producer who would enjoy taking my books to the big screen.