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I love romantic stories and imagine each one of my books as a movie, with positive, funny and romantic heroes. I simply write the books I want to read. Each scene is imagined as to make the readers dream. My first novel, "My Romantic Comedy", combines my passion for movies and that of romantic stories. I've always loved romantic comedies and thought it would be fun if someone tried to put them on stage in real life. My second novel, "Smile ... You're Famous", was born from my desire to tell a funny story, but still very romantic. Even though I sometimes accentuate the comic side of the story, I never forget that my heroes are primarily meant for one another. I'm just paving the way for them with a few obstacles, coupled with a little humor and lots of love. "Forever ... Christmas" is my third novel and was born from my love of Christmas and its values. I consider Christmas as the perfect screen for a romantic story, and I try to imagine my heroes as the characters of a postcard painted with snowflakes, smiles, and enchanting moments. I now alternate between my romantic comedies and a romantic cozy mystery series.
I hope to sell mybooks rights for a Spanish transaltion