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Rayner Tapia
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I am ex- lecturer who taught computers and English to young adults at various Universities, colleges and schools . I have always wanted to write a children’s novel. Now, I have created a series which talks about parallel worlds and imaginative quirky characters with lots of description.
I am in search for a new publisher to print my sequel of books in "The Tom McGuire series" of which there are five books in total. They are short narratives of between 120-200 pages. There are currently two books now retailing in stores and on the Amazon Kindle, however if new publishers are interested in my series then I am able to add 30% of new text to the books all ready printed. Therefore allowing it to be re-launched under a new publisher. I have recieved great reviews so far on the USA and Canada, and from various book sites, such as WaterStones, Barnes and as well as and acclaimed novelist G.D. Grace.

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