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Very excited by the reviews that I am getting.
Very excited by the reviews that I am getting.
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My name is Alex Edward John Taylor, and I was born in Stamford, England. My life revolves around the beauty of our world - the furnace in which we are forged. I enjoy life, from eating out to listening to music to a quiet evening at home with a DVD. I currently study medicine, and my future ambition is to help others follow their dreams. I am also currently writing the next sequel, Darkest Light - Through the darkness. This book has been a journey I embarked on. And I dedicate it to my son, River John Jordan Taylor. I love you, little man.
The book itself is written in a way where all the scenes could be used. I am very positive about the plot and the characters and believe that this Novel could become a good movie. The creatures are original and readers are getting attached to a particular one.

I am also writing the 2nd and 3rd sequel to this and my future ambitions on this project are to reach the world, create a box set and hopefully get picked up by an agent in the process.