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  • A descriptive timeline of the correspondence of the Secretary of State, Viceroy of India, Provincial Governors, and high officials, intelligence reports...
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An unprecedented academic undertaking toward the Indian subcontinent’s history, this landmark publication presents a timeline of the Government of British India’s materials as well as historically important events and news, relevant to Mashraqi and his Khaksar Tehreek (Khaksar Movement). It contains descriptive information on the secret and private correspondence of the Secretary of State for India, Viceroy of India, Provincial Governors, and other high officials. It also includes descriptions of classified and confidential documents and intelligence and Provincial Governors’ fortnightly

This work is among the most comprehensive chronologies ever created on the subject and caters to researchers, historians, educators, authors, journalists, students, movie/documentary makers, and the like. It is complimentary to the other chronologies already published by the editor and should be used in conjunction with those works:

1) Pakistan’s Freedom & Allama Mashriqi: Statements, Letters, Chronology of Khaksar Tehrik (Movement), Period: Mashriqi’s
Birth to 1947

2) Pakistan’s Birth & Allama Mashraqi: Chronology & Statements, Period: 1947 - 1963